New, faster car chargers in Beaver Dam electrify Highway 151 corridor

MADISON, Wis. – March 11, 2020 – New Level 3, superfast chargers in Beaver Dam can bring a fully depleted electric vehicle (EV) battery back to 80% strength in the time it takes to get a bite to eat.

Alliant Energy installed a new charging station at the Park Village Shopping Center at the busy interchange of Highways 33 and 151. The station can charge four cars at one time. It has two Level-3 and two Level-2 chargers (see below for more information). Keller Real Estate Group, owner of the Park Village Shopping Center, donated the property for the charging station.

“This charging station makes Beaver Dam a driving destination for the growing number of EV owners on our roads,” said David de Leon, President of Alliant Energy – Wisconsin. “This cleaner energy solution gets EVs back on the road at half the cost of traditional fuels.”

“Beaver Dam is preparing for the future,” said Becky Glewen, Mayor of Beaver Dam. “This service makes the City more attractive to travelers and benefits our businesses. This initiative aligns well with Beaver Dam’s Energy Independent Community Plan, to be the leader in Dodge County working toward energy conservation, efficiencies and use of renewable energy.”

“Located at one of the busiest intersections between Madison and the Fox Valley, Park Village Shopping Center is proud to be at the forefront of technological innovations,” said David Keller, partner, Keller Real Estate Group. “We look forward to the positive impact the level-3 fast charger will have on the success of the merchants and visitors’ enjoyment of Park Village Shopping Center, home to the annual ‘Beaver Dam Pepper Fest’ celebration.”

Drivers can charge an all-electric car to 80% power in about 40 minutes, about the time it takes for lunch or a quick shopping trip. Several electric car models can go up to 300 miles on a single charge. The average American drives 40 miles per day. 

The charging station is one piece of the company’s community support for Beaver Dam. Alliant Energy has been a part of this community for decades and has invested in Beaver Dam in significant ways. The company recently has:

  •  Provided a $25,000 grant for a downtown public space redevelopment
  • Helped restore lights at Swan Park with a $4,000 matching grant following an act of vandalism 
  • Certified a shovel-ready industrial site to attract new businesses into the area
  • Supported Moraine Park Technical College’s development of a Gas Technician Training program with an $80,000 grant for its Energy Education Center

About electric car chargers

  • Level 3 – Also called “superfast” or “DC” (“direct current”), these can charge all-electric cars, i.e. those powered only by a battery.
  • Level 2 – These are the most common chargers. They can be installed at businesses and homes and charge many types of electric cars, including plug-in hybrids typically within several hours. 
  • Level 1 – Standard home wall outlets take longer to charge, and cars are typically plugged in overnight.
  • Tesla superchargers – These chargers use a proprietary DC charger technology. They only charge Tesla-manufactured vehicles. Tesla vehicles can also use a standard Level-3 charger.

Alliant Energy offers rebates to residents and businesses for the purchase and installation of Level-2 charging stations. For more information, visit