Building stronger communities

Your community is more than just the place you live. It’s your home – and it’s ours too. Our employees live and work in the communities we serve. Our commitment to these communities extends beyond energy. We build partnerships and support initiatives that improve life for our neighbors. We work hand in hand with our customers and communities to make things better. Our efforts support local nonprofits to create lasting change.

Learn more about how we’re powering beyond for you. Read stories about the community organizations we support and the energy our employees devote to making a difference.  

Reliable and resilient energy delivery

At Alliant Energy, we understand that energy is essential to your everyday life. That's why we're dedicated to delivering safe and reliable energy that you can always count on. You can count on us to keep the power on and restore it quickly after severe weather hits.

Our commitment involves careful planning and significant investments, ensuring that we balance the resources available today while preparing to generate and deliver the energy of tomorrow.
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Video: Connecting Communities

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Video: Undergrounding Power Lines - Boosting Resilience and Reliability

Diverse energy mix

Diversity is key to sustainability, and we're we are invested in powering what's next. Adding alternate renewable energy sources means we don’t have to depend on a single source to generate the power you need. This not only helps reduce fuel costs for the future but also brings good-paying jobs and new sources of revenue to our communities.

Additionally, we offer community solar, allowing you to power your home with solar energy without the need to install or own your own solar generating system.

Investing in grid technologies

We are not just a utility company; our focus extends beyond providing energy. We're investing in cutting-edge energy grid technologies that not only advance renewable energy but also enhance customer service and reliability.

Undergrounding our lines and leveraging battery storage are key ways we’re strengthening our infrastructure. And with advanced metering, we can detect power outages faster, getting your lights back on more quickly.

By acting for tomorrow and using resources wisely, we demonstrate our commitment to caring for the environment and the communities we serve.

Photo caption: Alliant Energy's Deer Run battery storage system in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Enhancing customer experience

We're not just investing in energy infrastructure; we're also enhancing your experience and saving you time. Our commitment to your convenience includes upgrades to our My Account online billing and self-serve options, offering you choices that fit your lifestyle.

Whether it's how you pay your bill, how you manage your account or how you leverage your energy usage reports, we're here to simplify your experience with us and help you find ways to save by reducing your energy consumption.

Empowering you with energy choices

We value your energy choices, which is why we have options to help you manage your energy use. Our easy and convenient solutions are designed to help you save energy and reduce your energy consumption, making your life easier with convenient options.

We also offer suggestions on how to conserve energy and an appliance recycling program, which can bring added savings.

Safety first

Your safety is our top priority. We work tirelessly to ensure the safety of our customers, employees, and the communities we serve. Our high safety standards provide peace of mind when you're around energy sources and equipment.

Learn more about safety or get a special tip from one of our employees.

Investing in a brighter tomorrow

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We focus on safety, investing in our communities and providing options to help manage energy use. Together, we'll build a sustainable and resilient energy future. Thank you for joining us on this path of progress.

We have a diverse energy mix to meets your needs today and for the future. This includes significant investments in infrastructure, technology and sustainable energy sources.

Rate adjustments are made to recover our investments in these vital systems that you count on every day. We are working to strengthen our energy grid to withstand storms, reduce outages and advance more sustainable energy for our communities.

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