The Alliant Energy Foundation hunger and housing focus area

Hunger and housing investment in 2022 = $1.3 million

What is hunger and housing?

We believe food and housing are basic needs, just like energy. In this category, we support programs that help families and individuals who are fighting food insecurity or in need of housing assistance.

Why do we support hunger and housing programs? 

Alliant Energy and the Alliant Energy Foundation are dedicated to six core values that guide everything we do.

We support programs that address today’s urgent need for food and housing, as well as programs that provide long-term help, because we want to prevent families from ever having to choose between paying for essentials like energy, rent, or groceries.

This goal is in line with our core values to do the right thing, care for others, and make things better.

What are we doing in this focus area? 

Below are some of our annual investments that impact the hunger and housing focus area. Many of these investments also offer our employees an opportunity to give back and engage in the communities we serve.