The Alliant Energy Foundation environmental stewardship focus area

Foundation and corporate giving environmental stewardship investments in 2022 = $680,000 

What is environmental stewardship?

In this focus area, we look for programs that safeguard natural resources and wildlife — especially when those resources are threatened or endangered.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy the natural beauty of Iowa and Wisconsin, which means caring for nature on behalf of future generations.

Examples of these efforts include conservation, education, and park updates. Our One Million Trees initiative is another great example of this work. 

Why do we support environmental stewardship? 

Alliant Energy and the Alliant Energy Foundation are dedicated to six core values that guide everything we do.

Our environmental stewardship efforts support our core values to act for tomorrow and make things better.  

What are we doing in this focus area? 

Below are some of our annual investments that impact the environmental stewardship focus area. Many of these investments also offer our employees an opportunity to give back and engage in the communities we serve.  

 We support programs that involve: 

  • Environmental conservation.
  • Environmental education.
  • Park updates.
  • Trail projects.