Reserve your blocks in Alliant Energy® Community Solar — Cedar Rapids

You’ll need the following information to complete the subscription form:

1) The number of solar blocks needed based on your home’s electric usage for the last 12 months. To determine this, please refer to our community solar calculator. Instructions on how to access your 12-month kWh usage is provided on the calculator site.

2) Alliant Energy account number for the main address you wish to have the credits applied. To find your account number, visit My Account or refer to your Alliant Energy electric bill.

Enrollment information

Payment options

Bill credits will begin when the facility generates energy and your subscription is paid in full. Bill credits will continue for 20 years.

Full payment: Includes payment of blocks and a $35 enrollment fee (billed separately).

Monthly payment: The first month’s bill will include 10% of the full subscription fee and a $35 enrollment fee. The remainder will be divided into 11 monthly payments.

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