Clean Energy Blueprint

We’re working toward a clean energy future for the communities we serve in Wisconsin and Iowa. Keep reading to learn more about our plans.

What is Alliant Energy's Clean Energy Blueprint?

The Clean Energy Blueprint is our roadmap to accelerate our transition to renewable energy – something that has become especially important as we work to sustain the economic and environmental health of the communities we serve. Our commitment to clean energy aligns with a shared commitment we have with agricultural and rural communities. Clean energy is also affordable. In fact, solar energy costs less to operate, creates job opportunities and uses natural resources wisely.

Learn more about our plans in Iowa and Wisconsin.

Smart Investment
Solar is good for our communities because:

Spending money to add solar capacity now is more cost-effective than continuing to maintain and operate traditional energy sources (such as coal).

Over time, clean energy resources like solar and wind cost less to operate and maintain. In fact, investment in solar cost-effectively accelerates our renewable energy generation while reducing carbon emissions and providing customers with reliable, environmentally friendly energy long into the future.

Healthy Environment
Solar is good for our environment because:

Energy sources like the sun and wind are renewable. Our dependence on fossil fuels is reduced.

Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.

Supporting native plant growth at our solar sites will also help preserve soil conditions, foster pollinators and encourage habitat diversity – helping to protect our farmland and food supply.

Economic Catalyst
Solar is good for our economy because:

Local construction creates jobs.

Revenue sharing from new solar sites provides annual income to communities.

Providing more clean energy to communities helps add more new jobs and attract new businesses, who also benefit from lower cost energy.

Solar site land leases provide steady income to landowners.

Watch this video to learn more about the economic benefits of solar energy.
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