Industrial New Construction

The Industrial New Construction program provides complimentary energy design assistance and financial incentives to help implement energy-efficient strategies designed for the unique needs of industrial customers. The program is available to customers that have new construction, addition, or renovation projects that include industrial equipment or processes.

As a program participant you will:

1. Receive complimentary design assistance

Customized energy modeling will be used to provide design recommendations on both building systems and industrial processes and equipment. Recommendations will focus on measures with the biggest impact, which are then selected by the owner and design team for implementation.

2. Receive recommendations as project progresses

The program is designed to progress naturally as each of the components in an industrial new construction project is completed, without slowing down the process. The program focuses on building systems such as lighting and heating/cooling systems, as well as industrial and manufacturing processes and equipment.

  • Building SystemsBuilding Enclosure; Lighting; Heating, ventilation, air conditioning; Compressed air; Refrigeration; Hot water and/or steam; Process water heating; Process heating, ventilation, air conditioning; Dust collection; Other processes
  • Process Systems - Chilled water, Heat rejection
3. Qualify for construction and design incentives

The earlier a project enters the program, the better the potential for energy savings and incentives to help offset the cost of efficient equipment. The best opportunity to identify energy efficient measures for the final design occurs when a project is in the conceptual or schematic phase. Design team incentives are provided to help offset the cost of program participation.

project design stage total incentive package*
Conceptual/Schematic Phase
2.5 times the energy bill savings
Design Development Phase 1.5 times the energy bill savings

*Limited to 50% of the incremental cost


  • Comprehensive and customized efficient design recommendations, focusing on both individual systems and how those systems interact with each other.
  • Analysis on different building systems delivered as the project progresses, keeping the project on schedule.
  • Incentives to lower the incremental cost of efficient measures and cost of participation for the design team.
  • Energy bill savings that will sustain over the life of the building.
  • Up-front efficiency options during design, which are easier to implement than more costly retrofits later on.


  • Must be an Alliant Energy retail electric or retail natural gas and electric customer.
  • New construction or addition must be at least 50,000 square feet with at least 50% unregulated industrial/manufacturing load.
  • An application must be submitted to Alliant Energy before the building design is developed, ideally during the conceptual design phase to maximize savings and incentive potential.
  • Post-installation verification of equipment is required.
  • Check with your key account manager for additional qualifying information.

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