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Let’s get started with a free farm energy assessment to identify ways for you to save energy, time and money.

We will

  • Pinpoint energy waste.
  • Identify energy-efficient technologies that reduce energy usage.
  • Make energy-efficient equipment recommendations.
  • Inform you of available agricultural rebate programs.

Simply fill out the form below to share a bit more information with us about your farm facility to begin the assessment process today.

Keep in mind

  • In order to qualify for agribusiness rebates, you must be a commercial customer of Alliant Energy, either a non-residential/commercial rate 600 customer or a 50% farm use customer. Residential customers are not eligible for the agribusiness assessment and rebate. Residential customers can connect with other rebate opportunities.
  • Your facility/farm must average 1,200 kilowatt hours or more a month to qualify for the agribusiness assessment.


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