Convert your overhead service line to underground – request form

If our crews are working in your area, you can convert your overhead service line to underground. The service line is the line running from the power pole to your house. 

Benefits of underground power lines

  • Outage prevention. Buried lines are less susceptible to damage from animals and falling branches.
  • Homeowner safety. Work on your home and yard without worrying about contacting an overhead line.
  • Curb appeal. Most customers prefer the cleaner look of underground power lines to overhead.

What is the cost?
There may potentially be setup fees, which will be discussed when we reach out to you about your project. You will need to accept our estimate and pay for the underground installation prior to work starting. You will be responsible for the removal of any abandoned overhead structures attached to your home and associated home repairs. You will need to hire an electrician to upgrade your meter socket for the new underground line.

If you are interested in learning more, please provide the information below. A representative will contact you within three days. 



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