The Power Chronicles: Akilah Finds Her Power

Do you love graphic novels? Follow this new STEM adventure for science lovers in grades 5-8.

No cell phone, TV or electronic devices?!

A powerful storm knocks out the power at Akilah’s house. With no cell phone, TV or other electronic devices available, the young girl climbs into bed with a solar yard light she brought in from the yard and starts to read a book about women leaders in math and science.

The light spills across the bed where a science trophy from her school’s science fair gleams softly in the shadows.

When the iPad on her bedside table starts to glow, Akiliah hears a whoosh that transports her on a journey of science and adventure.

Meet the cast, characters and artist!

Learn more about the talented voice actors, scientists and artist who brought The Power Chronicles to life.

Power Chronicles voice cast

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