We are adding 400 megawatts of solar generation.

Alliant Energy is working tirelessly to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions from the electricity we generate by 2050. This includes renewable generation (wind, solar) and retiring coal-fired facilities. We’re creating a clean energy future – for decades to come.

As part of our Clean Energy Blueprint, we plan to add 400 megawatts (MW) of solar generation in Iowa by the end of 2024. Alliant Energy already owns and operates more than 1,300 MW of wind generation in Iowa.

We are working together with the agriculture industry, labor groups and landowners to ensure everyone understands the benefits of solar. Our partnership with environmental stakeholders will help minimize the impacts on water, land and wildlife.

As we work to construct more solar projects around the state, we invite the public, elected officials and local community members to engage with us in meaningful dialogues to ensure the results benefit all of Iowa’s communities.

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Utility-scale solar projects

Duane Arnold Solar Project

map of Duane Arnold Solar

The Duane Arnold Solar Project is an estimated 200-MW solar project located in Linn County.

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Wever Solar Project

map of Wever Solar

The Wever Solar Project is an estimated 150-MW solar project located in Lee County. The project has the ability to add a 75-MW battery energy storage system in the future.

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Creston Solar Project

map of Creston Solar

The Creston Solar Project is an estimated 50-MW solar project located in Union County. The project has the ability to add a 25-MW battery energy storage system in the future.

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Additional solar projects in Iowa

Dubuque Solar Project

This 4.8-MW solar project in Dubuque County is comprised of a 3.9-MW project west of the city and a smaller 900-kilowatt system downtown along the Mississippi River.

Marshalltown Solar
This 2.5-MW solar project provides clean energy to support our Marshalltown Generation Station, a highly efficient natural gas plant completed in 2017. The solar garden’s power offsets local electricity demand and improves our sustainability footprint in Marshalltown.

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