2022 Responsibility Report

Responsibility is present in all we do

A note from our CEO

Providing energy solutions for customers and the communities we proudly serve is an honor and a responsibility we have stewarded for more than 100 years.  And our responsibility extends beyond the energy we generate and distribute to customers – it also includes how we use our human energy to strengthen the communities we serve and improve the world around us.  Responsibility is at the heart of our company Purpose – to serve customers and build stronger communities.

Our Clean Energy Blueprint guides our strategy and our carbon dioxide reduction goals are consistent with the international Paris Agreement’s objective. A healthier environment is important to everyone, and our path is a thoughtful, cost-effective approach, designed with energy reliability and resiliency in mind.

We have a longstanding tradition of preserving natural resources and protecting wildlife. Our work will continue to improve the environment for future generations. And we will share our progress on our biodiversity efforts within this report.

Alliant Energy’s culture is one of deep commitment and service. You’ll see that commitment within this report and through the actions of our employees, many of whom you may recognize through their volunteer efforts in your area. We’re excited and ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow—with our extraordinary team. Their dedication helps communities thrive, while their experience and knowledge create innovation.

More broadly, our Corporate Responsibility Report showcases the ways our values and actions also align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – because we know our actions today also have a connection beyond Iowa and Wisconsin. We’re closely tracking our efforts and are proud to share our progress towards these goals in our report.

Our world is ever evolving, and we’re working hard to meet new challenges as we prepare for a better tomorrow.  I hope you enjoy learning more about our efforts to bring our company Purpose, to life.

John Larsen, Alliant Energy

John Larsen

Chair and CEO

employee volunteers with shovels

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