Iowa Clean Energy Blueprint

What is Iowa's Clean Energy Blueprint?

The Clean Energy Blueprint is our roadmap for accelerating our transition to cleaner, renewable energy in Iowa. This roadmap guides our efforts to enhance the economic and environmental health of the communities we serve. This includes increasing our use of renewable resources and provides direction for the future of our coal-fired generation to reduce our emissions by retiring our Lansing Generation Station and transitioning our Burlington Generating Station to natural gas. Together, the near-term investments in the projects outlined in the Blueprint will help Iowa customers avoid more than $300 million over the next 35 years.

Solar plans

We plan to add 400 megawatts (MW) of solar in Iowa and intend the first 200 MW to come from the Duane Arnold Solar Project in Linn County. We plan to add 75 MW of battery energy storage at the same location. Learn more about the largest solar and battery facility in Iowa. 

Solar energy is a smart investment. Adding solar is more cost-effective than continuing to maintain and operate traditional energy sources like coal. Solar is a renewable energy resource and will reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It’s also better for the environment. When the sun is shining, it provides constant and limitless supply. We are acting today to identify the best sites for solar in Iowa.

In addition, customers can benefit from Community Solar as we bring together people with a common interest in powering their homes and businesses with solar energy. See how it works and how to get started.

Learn more about our solar generation and what we are already doing in Iowa.

Wind expansion

We recently completed the addition of 1,000 megawatts (MW) of wind in Iowa. This brings Alliant Energy’s total of owned and operated wind generation in the state to nearly 1,300 total MW, enough to power over 500,000 Iowa homes.

Wind is a clean source of energy and a key part of our diversified energy mix.

With wind there are no fuel costs, which means our investment in this renewable resource provides long-term savings for our customers.

The Iowa wind expansion generates tax revenue for communities and lease payments to landowners.

Alliant Energy is now the third-largest utility owner-operator of regulated wind in the United States. Learn more about our wind farms.

Eliminating coal and reducing our emissions

With an eye toward reducing carbon dioxide emissions and delivering cleaner, more cost-effective energy, our goal is to eliminate all coal from our generation fleet by 2040.

We plan to retire the Lansing Generating Station by the end of 2022. Final timing is subject to the MISO (Midcontinent Independent System Operator Inc.) retirement process. This action positions us to achieve a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030.

We will be transitioning the Burlington Generating Station from coal to natural gas in 2021, further helping to achieve our carbon dioxide reduction goals. This transition ensures we maintain a diversified energy mix providing energy availability and reliability that’s complementary to our wind and solar energy generation.

As we transition from coal to cleaner energy, we will provide career assistance to employees who are interested. This includes one-on-one coaching, tuition reimbursement and other resources geared toward the individual and unique needs of each employee.

In addition to caring for employees, we will work with the communities of Burlington and Lansing on the upcoming transitions. We will be working closely with city and community leaders in Lansing to determine the best use of the site along with discussing ways to continue supporting the economic health of the community.

Battery storage

Battery storage is a cost-effective way to serve customers energy needs while also creating a more resilient network for energy distribution.

When used in conjunction with solar generation, battery storage serves as an “electron bank” designed to store excess power that’s generated when the sun is most powerful and then release the energy as needed. When we charge and discharge a battery, it reduces overall costs for customers.

We recently announced plans to add 75 megawatts of battery storage in Linn County. Learn more about the largest solar and battery facility in Iowa. 

We installed a battery near Wellman in 2019 and announced a battery in Marshalltown in 2020. Alliant Energy is also partnering with the U.S. Department of Energy and the Iowa Economic Development Authority on an innovative battery-storage solution in Decorah. This project seamlessly connects customer-owned solar while maintaining reliable electrical service in the community.

We are exploring how battery storage can enhance reliability and expect to add up to 100 megawatts of distributed energy resources (such as community solar and energy storage systems) by 2026.

Smart thermostats

Customers can better control their energy use and manage their bills by participating in our new Smart Thermostat Demand Response program. With advanced technology, customers can control how they keep their homes comfortable – during the hottest and coldest days – while also reducing their energy consumption and protecting the environment. Customers can also track their energy use by signing up for Usage Alerts in My Account.

A foundation in renewable energy

We have just completed the build-out of 1,300 megawatts of wind in Iowa. We will complement it by adding up to 400 megawatts of new solar generation by 2023. Click the map to see the locations of all our wind farms and solar and battery storage projects in Iowa and Minnesota. (Locations are approximate.)

This content may contain forward-looking statements.