A cleaner energy future

Electrification is the transition of technology away from dependence on fossil fuels and toward electricity and renewable sources. Combined with our Clean Energy Vision, electrification enhances the power of sustainable resources like the sun and wind to charge our cars, trucks, forklifts, buildings and more.

Electrification benefits

Emerging electric technologies mean lower fuel and maintenance costs and decreased emissions compared to their gasoline, diesel and propane counterparts.

Save money. Electricity is more economical than gasoline, propane or diesel, and electric options use energy more efficiently. In many cases, a switch to electric may reduce your fuel costs by half or more. According to the Department of Energy, filling your electric tank could cost as little as $6. Check out our online tool for a personalized view on how much money and emissions you could save by switching to an electric vehicle.

Create a cleaner, healthier environment. Electric options reduce emissions, lower noise levels and improve air quality.

Reduce maintenance costs. Electric options use fewer moving parts and require less maintenance and repair. That saves time and money.

Learn more about EVs for your home, business or community.

Why we support electrification adoption

Electrification provides more control over your sustainability footprint and lowers the cost of fueling a vehicle. Electric vehicles are cost-effective and eco-friendly. There are many affordable options on the road today.

How we’re moving the needle on electrification

We strive to be a leader in electrification initiatives and innovation. We embrace technologies that enhance our purpose-driven strategy to serve customers and build stronger communities.

We’ve been involved in electric transportation since 2016. The information and expertise we’ve gained informs the opportunities we develop for our customers. We use our resources to create more comprehensive customer offerings for electric vehicles and charging stations in the future.

We partner with residents, communities and businesses interested in purchasing EVs and installing charging stations. We help customers understand the necessary infrastructure and offer information about funding options.

We readily share the benefits of electrification through EV education and resources.  

We’re a proud member of the National Electric Highway Coalition, electric companies collaborating to provide EV fast charging stations. This will allow the public to drive EVs with confidence along major U.S. travel corridors.

We lead by example

We are in the process of electrifying our active light-duty fleet vehicles and will complete this exciting goal by the end of 2030.

We plan to make every effort to purchase EVs and parts locally to further benefit local economies.

We work closely with customers and local businesses to help them achieve electrification and energy goals. Reach out to us if you’re interested in electrifying your business fleet. We’d love to help!

We’re currently developing new offerings to help you through the electrification journey. Check out our webpage for more information and stay tuned! 

This is part of our Clean Energy Vision to create a more sustainable future for our customers and communities.

We can help with your electrification journey

Start your electrification journey with us. Learn more about electric vehicles and EV technology today.

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