Street light / rented area light repair request form

Area light instructions: Please enter the address under "Location."

Street light instructions: Describe street light location (one per form). Remember that all street lights appear to not be working during daylight hours, so your specific directions help eliminate confusion and delays when making repairs.

Please provide the following location information below:

  • Include pole number if known
  • Building or house number and street name or
  • Block number and street name or
  • Directions to the light or nearest landmark

Note: An exact building or house number provides the most accurate way to locate the street light. If the house or building number is unknown, please give the block number (ex 700 block Main). If the block is unknown please list the nearest cross street. If the light is located on a street or highway intersection where more than one street light exists, please note which corner of the intersection has the light needing repair: NE, NW, SW, SE or describe the nearest landmark to the light