Account notifications

Stay informed about your account in the way that's easiest for you.

What kind of notifications can I get?

You can receive account notifications by email, text or phone.

Outage alerts

We’ll notify you when the power goes out and when it comes back on.

Billing and payment notifications

We’ll let you know when:

  • Your bill is due.
  • We receive payment.

High usage alerts

Just as you can set alerts on your smartphone to say when you use a certain amount of data, high usage alerts let you know when you use a certain amount of energy, too!

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Video: How to sign up for high usage alerts

How do I set up notifications?

Step 1: Enroll in My Account.

Step 2:
Set up notification preferences (expand instructions below.)

Step 3:
Set up usage alerts (expand instructions below.)

Frequently asked questions

Account notifications
Receive account notifications by email, text or phone. We’ll let you know when your bill is due and when we’ve received your payment. Plus, we’ll tell you if there is an outage at your home or business.
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Set your notification preferences
Enroll in My Account
My Account keeps everything you need to manage your energy in one convenient place. Track your energy use, switch to a paperless bill or make a payment online. Save time, save paper, save energy.
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Get started with My Account
Paperless Billing
Convenience is at your fingertips. Save paper, save time with Paperless Billing.
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Sign up for Paperless Billing today

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