Iowa rates for electricity and natural gas 

Learn more about our Iowa electric and natural gas rates.

At Alliant Energy, we work hard to manage our costs and provide you with the tools necessary to budget for future energy costs. Your energy bill is made up of several components. Some, like base rates and the basic service charge, are set by the Iowa Utilities Board and may stay the same for several years.

Other components change annually, or even monthly, based upon the actual costs to provide you with these services. Of course, the weather remains the biggest factor in how your bill may fluctuate from month to month.

This page will be updated regularly to provide the latest detail on the components that make up your energy costs.

If you’d like to learn more about what each line item on your bill means, visit the Understanding Your Bill section of our webpage.

Iowa rate review

In October 2023, we filed a rate review with the Iowa Utilities Board. This request proposes to increase Iowa customers’ electric and natural gas rates beginning in October 2024. We are proud to deliver safe and reliable service, 24/7 and 365 days a year. This filing reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering reliable, resilient and secure energy to our customers and the communities we serve in Iowa.

If approved by the Iowa Utilities Board, our rate adjustment would add:

  • About $10 per month to the average residential electric customer’s bill beginning in October 2024, and about $7 per month beginning in October 2025.
  • About $3 per month to the average residential gas customer’s bill beginning in October 2024.

See the links below for more information, including the proposed rate impact for additional customer classes.

Iowa energy cost outlook webinars

We offer specialized biannual webinars to our communities and our commercial and industrial customers. The most recent webinars are posted below.

Community Energy Cost Outlook Webinar (Video)
December 2023

Commercial and Industrial Customer Energy Cost Outlook Webinar (Video)
December 2023 

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This information was last updated in December 2023.

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