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Streamline billing, keep an eye on your properties’ energy use and more. We’re here to help! 

Landlord Portal

As a landlord, you’ve got lots to manage. The Landlord Portal – accessible in My Account – is for you!

  • View all properties listed in your Landlord Property Agreement.
  • See if service is listed in your name or a tenant’s.
  • Check if meters are on or off.
  • Process payments for multiple properties at one time.
  • Choose which properties will have service automatically revert to your name between tenants.
landlord portal screenshot 

See the Landlord Portal page for quick-start guides and FAQs – including Groups, Revert to owner settings, and more.

Get started now!

To access the Landlord Portal, you’ll need two things: A Landlord Property Agreement and My Account.

i need a landlord property agreement


Need both My Account and a Landlord Property Agreement? Start with a Landlord Property Agreement.

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