Send us a full list of your properties with their addresses and your contact information. We'll call you in the event that something occurs at your property that you need to know about (meter obstruction, meter tampering, etc.)

If you’d like even more assistance than the service provided above, we can help you save time each month with a Landlord Property Arrangement.

A Landlord Property Arrangement ensures:

  1. No concerns of a meter being turned off when a tenant ends service.
  2. Notification when tenants cancel utility service and it reverts into the landlord’s name.
  3. Consolidated monthly bills for rental properties, grouped by location and/or billing dates.

Send property listings and/or the Landlord Property Arrangement to:

Alliant Energy
Attn: Customer Support Services/Landlord
P.O. Box 351
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406

My Account can save you time

With our online self-service tool, My Account, you can:

  • Monitor the status of accounts that are in your name
  • Verify whether your tenants have asked to start or stop service

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