Landlord Property Agreement

Managing rental properties means keeping track of a lot of information. Set up a Landlord Property Agreement to make things easier.

A Landlord Property Agreement is your key to the Landlord Portal in My Account. Set up your Agreement so you can:

  • View your properties in the Landlord Portal.
  • See if service is listed in your name or a tenant’s.
  • Check if meters are on or off.
  • Process payments for multiple properties at one time.
  • Choose which properties will have service automatically transfer to your name between tenants.

set up your landlord property agreement

Revert to owner setting (RTO) options

When you create a Landlord Property Agreement, all properties included in it will automatically transfer (revert) back to your name between tenants. You can change this setting anytime in the Landlord Portal or by contacting Alliant Energy.

Terms and conditions

  1. A Landlord Property Agreement is available to landlords with one or more rental properties.  
  2. Access to use and view the online Landlord Portal requires enrollment in a Landlord Property Agreement. Landlord Property Agreements completed online require an email address. This email address will be used to communicate required billing and outage information to landlords. 
  3. Landlords are responsible for providing Alliant Energy a list of any properties they want included in this agreement. Upon including a property, it is automatically set to Option 1 referenced below. This setting can be changed at any time by logging into the Landlord Portal or contacting Alliant Energy.   

    Option 1 (Revert to owner): When a tenant moves, any services at the property will automatically transfer to the landlord's name for billing. 

    Option 2 (Do not revert to owner): When a tenant moves, any services at the property will disconnect and will not transfer into the landlord's name for billing. 

    “Any services” includes all utilities (gas, electric, lighting, etc.) Alliant Energy provides at that location.  
  4. Properties included in Landlord Property Agreements will be billed on a separate account from any other accounts a landlord currently has. No personal accounts can be included. 
  5. The default setting for billing purposes groups properties by service location. Landlords may choose to have a separate bill statement and account number for each property by checking this option on the online Landlord Property Agreement form. 
  6. Multiple Landlord Property Agreements may be required to accommodate all rental properties. 
  7. The landlord will be notified regarding properties included in their Landlord Property Agreement each time a tenant moves out and the services are transferred into the landlord's name.  
  8. Payments for Landlord Property Agreements must be paid each month by the bill due date. All accounts billed on the Landlord Property Agreement are subject to Alliant Energy's collections processes. 
  9. Accounts included on the Landlord Property Agreement cannot be on Budget Billing or have a specially selected due date. 
  10. The landlord understands and agrees that meters for each property are read, as usual, on their regular read route schedule. The account for the Landlord Property Agreement will then bill when the last individual property attached to the account is read.  
  11. To process payments on multiple accounts at one time in the Landlord Portal online, payment information will be stored in landlords' Payment Methods after making a payment. Landlords may choose to remove payment information at any time in the Payment Information section.

set up your landlord property agreement

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