Wind RFP (request for proposals) information

June 21, 2017

Wisconsin Power and Light Company (“WPL” or “Company”) plans to issue a request for proposals (“RFP”) to solicit bids for wind energy resources. Below is a summary of the requirements of the RFP and instructions to initiate the registration process for prospective bidders.

The RFP documents contain guidelines and requirements for proposals including, but not limited to:

General Project Requirements

  • Proposed projects shall be renewable wind energy resources, considering existing, re-powered, and/or new assets, with a preferred operational date no later than September 1, 2020
  • Company is seeking projects with a nameplate capacity of nominally 200 megawatts (“MW”); proposed projects shall have a minimum nameplate capacity of 25 megawatts
  • Company will accept proposals for sales of existing assets; develop-transfers (“D-T”) or build-transfers (“B-T”); and/or power purchase agreements (“PPAs”)
  • Company requires that energy output from the project be delivered financially to a MISO Commercial Pricing Node (“CPNode”), including any and all costs associated with mitigating transmission congestion and/or third party transmission service
  • Company will consider proposals that contain projects located on a single site or located across multiple sites
  • Projects shall demonstrate adequate development, including wind resource and site suitability, including an ability to attain all applicable permits and approvals
  • Projects must either have an existing Generator Interconnection Agreement (“GIA”), or have a MISO queue position in the August 2016 Definitive Planning Phase (“DPP”) study cycle or earlier and demonstrate that receipt of a GIA is attainable to support the proposed project schedule
  • PPA proposals shall consider a minimum term of twenty (20) years. A PPA term shorter than 20 years may be considered if it includes an option to extend to twenty (20) years or an option to purchase before year 20.
  • Proposals for new wind resources, including re-power, are expected to demonstrate Production Tax Credit (“PTC”) qualification
  • In 2016, WPL procured turbine components sufficient to qualify a 200 MW wind generation project for PTCs. A Bidder may include these turbine components as the PTC qualification method for a B-T project, if desired

Bidder Requirements

  • Proposals shall demonstrate bidder’s qualifications and relevant experience with wind generation resources and similar delivery structures
  • Bidders shall be subject to Company minimum financing and credit requirements
  • Bidders shall be subject to Company minimum safety requirements
  • Bidders shall submit complete, responsive proposals per the requirements of the RFP

RFP Process

  • After the proposal submission deadline, Company will evaluate quantitative and qualitative aspects of proposals
  • Company may select one or more proposals for detailed evaluation and contract negotiation and reserves the right to not select any bids
  • Company is targeting selection in the fourth quarter of 2017

The full RFP will be released to prospective bidders upon receipt of a signed Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (“MNDA”).pdf.

This RFP process will be administered through the Zycus platform. Registration instructions can be found on the Zycus website.

Bidders must e-mail their Zycus registration number and a signed MNDA to by 3pm CST on Monday June 26, 2017 to start the application process. Registered bidders shall be granted access to the RFP documents on the Zycus platform by COB on Monday June 26, 2017.

All bids must be received by 5 p.m. CST on Friday July 21, 2017. For any questions related to this process, please contact Tracey Kriesler at (608) 458-6201.