The power grid - what it was and what it's becoming

Not long ago, distribution of electricity was fairly simple. It was a one-way street. We generated energy and delivered it directly to you through pipes, wires, substations, poles and transmission lines.

Now, an energy highway flows freely between all parts of the grid. In order to make the power grid smarter and stronger, we’re investing about $1.8 billion between now and 2020 to improve its security, reliability and resiliency.

What makes a power grid “smart?”

Simply, it’s the digital communication between you and us, all thanks to computers, controls, automation and technology. This interconnectedness enables the power grid to respond more quickly to changing energy needs.

Benefits of a smarter, stronger power grid:

  • More efficient energy transmission
  • Faster power restoration after an outage
  • Better ability to integrate wind and solar energy into the grid
  • Greater security against tampering or hacking threats
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