Gas pipeline safety for schools

School safety isn’t just about tornados or fire drills. If your school is located near natural gas pipelines, you need to be equally prepared for a gas leak. Use this short training to build your staff’s competence and confidence in the event of a pipeline emergency.

Natural Gas Pipeline Safety for Schools training
This 45-minute training covers everything from safe digging practices to recognizing and responding to a natural gas leak. Share it with the staff who are responsible for your school’s emergency planning or evacuation.

Video – Presents a thorough introduction to natural gas safety and best practices.

Leader’s guide – Shows a proposed flow for the training and time allotments for each section. Includes a list of who to include in the training.

Natural gas safety for schools handout – “Cheat sheet” for participants to reference during the training. We recommend you print and post this document in a visible location after the meeting.

Quiz – Solidify learning with this quiz and review the answers as a group.

• Survey – Finished the training? Take the survey! Help us improve this training.