Alliant Energy Virtual Speaker Series

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Join Alliant Energy for a series of discussions on expanding access to broadband and digital opportunity in some of the Midwest's most digitally challenged rural communities.

On average, 67 percent of Alliant Energy customers in Wisconsin and 75 percent of customers in Iowa lack sufficient access to reliable and affordable high-speed internet service. This digital divide is hindering our customers’ ability to effectively engage in remote work, remote learning and telehealth due to gaps in infrastructure access, affordability, device ownership and digital literacy. The result: they are often disconnected from educational and economic opportunities in today’s increasingly digital world.

As part of this webinar series, guest speakers will discuss the impact of the digital divide and the importance of closing the digital divide. Our speakers will discuss the challenges internet providers face as they strive to expand broadband access, especially in rural communities. Our guest speakers will also share strategies for utility and other service providers to unite and collaborate on digital access solutions.

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In early November, Aryeh Fishman, Associate General Counsel Regulatory Legal Affairs at Edison Electric Institute, discussed why utilities are getting involved in the broadband space.

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