Lead sustainable practices in your community.

Community solar offers clean, local energy for your business that can offset a portion of your electric bill. It won’t require the installation of solar panels on your property and will set your business apart as a leader in sustainability.

Invest in Alliant Energy® Community Solar – Cedar Rapids and use clean energy to reduce your carbon footprint, without having to manage a private system. We build, own and maintain a dedicated solar site for our subscribers.

Simply make a one-time, upfront payment to secure 250-watt blocks of solar energy. And the best part: You’ll receive ongoing monthly bill credits for the next 20 years. Your business may also:

  • Claim renewable energy credits.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to environmental sustainability by enabling clean, local energy.

When you subscribe to the Alliant Energy® Community Solar program, your business supports efforts to create a healthier environment and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. As a community-funded project, Alliant Energy's Community Solar program depends on your support. When you enroll, we’ll create informational materials to recognize your support and inform your employees and customers about our program. 


Anchor tenant opportunity

Take the next step: Become an anchor tenant. Besides financial benefits, you’ll also receive: 

  • Annual renewable energy credits (RECs) retired on your behalf to offset carbon emissions. 
  • Recognition from Alliant Energy® Community Solar in our news releases and social media posts and signs you can post at your business. 
  • The opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to environmental sustainability by  enabling clean, local energy. 

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Get started

Community solar is available to Iowa electric customers on a first-come, first-served basis. Participation is easy.

Step 1

Use this calculator to determine the number of 250-watt solar energy blocks you need. You can purchase any number of solar blocks to fit your budget and business sustainability goals, without exceeding 100% of your annual kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage or up to 60% of the total solar garden size.  

Step 2

Sign up. Once you determine the number of solar blocks you need, complete the Alliant Energy® Community Solar subscriber form. 

Step 3

Pay for the block(s) upfront or break into 12-month installments at no extra cost. Each 250-watt block costs $395. There is also a one-time $35 enrollment fee.  

Step 4

Receive a bill credit each month for up to 20 years. The credit is based on solar production. Sunnier days mean a larger credit. Bill credits begin once you pay the upfront subscription fee in full and the solar site is operational. See estimated bill credits below.

Bill credit estimates

An average Cedar Rapids midsize business customer uses 83,400-kilowatt hours of electricity each year.

These estimates demonstrate how community solar offsets electricity costs for an average business.

NUMBER OF BLOCKS 1 50 250  450
Upfront subscription fee*
$395 $19,750 $98,750 $177,750
Estimated annual kWh
541 27,000 135,200 243,400
Annual bill credit, first year (0.0559/kWh minimum credit)**
$30  $1,500 $7,500 $13,000 
Estimated 20-year total bill credit ***
$582 $29,000 $145,500 $262,000

*Does not include the one-time $35 enrollment fee.
**Per the tariff, guaranteed not to fall below $0.0559 for residential and commercial customers.
***Estimate includes degradation over the 20-year program.

All figures are estimates. Actual credits may vary.

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