Bent Tree Wind Farm expansion

Freeborn County, Minnesota

Phase 1

The Bent Tree Wind Farm began commercial operation in February 2011 and is located near Albert Lea in Freeborn County, Minnesota. The farm’s 122 turbines produce 201 megawatts of power, enough to power approximately 53,000 homes.

Phase 2

We are interested in expanding the project with Bent Tree Phase 2. Our plans include adding 120 megawatts of power, using the existing infrastructure of Bent Tree Phase 1.

We are partnering with Ulteig to work directly with landowners for Bent Tree Phase 2. For more information on Phase 2, please contact Ted Francois at or (319) 286-3002.

Economic benefits

Phase 1 has generated over $5 million of tax revenue to Freeborn County and over $1.4 million of tax revenue to Hartland and Manchester Townships. Area landowners have received over $10 million in lease payments and are estimated to receive $32 million more over the next 20 years.

Phase 2 is expected to deliver more than $100 million in wages, benefits, taxes and landowner payments over 40 years. Phase 2 is expected to create 200-250 new construction jobs in the community.

Environmental benefits

Phase 1 has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 3.5 million metric tons and is estimated to reduce emissions by an additional 11 million metric tons by 2040.

Phase 2 is projected to further reduce emissions by 12 million metric tons over 40 years.

Wind energy creates a clean environment and a clean energy future for the community.

Community support

We are proud to partner with local organizations and support the community.

2021 Freeborn County Fair sponsor

Swimming pig event at Freeborn County Fair

2021 Ag Open Golf Outing sponsor

Alliant Energy sponsorship sign

People golfing in Bent Tree t-shirts