Marshalltown Generating Station

The Marshalltown Generating Station, located in Marshalltown, Iowa, went into operation on April 1, 2017. The highly efficient, cost-competitive natural gas facility is providing clean energy for 500,000 homes and businesses.

The 706-megawatt capacity generating station is anticipated to be the most efficient natural gas-fueled facility ever built in Iowa and one of the top five most efficient natural gas-fueled facilities in the U.S. It emits less than half the carbon dioxide, two-thirds less nitrogen oxides and roughly 99% less sulfur and mercury than traditional coal-fired generation.

The $645 million investment to build the Marshalltown Generating Station represents the largest project in the history of Marshall County. During construction, there were typically 800 workers on site, and nearly $50 million dollars came into the community benefiting many local suppliers and vendors.

The facility replaced 14 less efficient, smaller older generating units and it was constructed with sustainability at the forefront. The new natural gas power generator needs 90% less water supply than the units it replaced. Marshalltown Generating Station was the first infrastructure project in Iowa to receive the Envision® Platinum Award – the highest attainable Envision recognition level.

The generating station also supports our growing investments in renewable energy. It has the ability to adjust its output up and down quickly. This provides flexibility to better integrate wind and solar power into the electric supply mix.

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