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Shining a light on solar energy career opportunities for veterans

Veterans of the U.S. military devote their lives in service of their country. While many service members are quick to deflect the term “hero,” there’s no denying the exceptional expertise their unique experience provides. However, with military downsizing contributing to nearly 200,000 veterans exiting active service annually, finding ways to make the transition to the civilian workforce can be challenging.

Enter the solar energy industry

The demand for solar energy in the U.S. is growing at a record pace. Along with the growth of the solar industry comes a need for skilled workers with a knack for technology. Individuals with military training often possess the exact skills needed to support solar energy systems. Hiring veterans into solar industry jobs is a win-win that helps service members find career opportunities while allowing solar companies fill their ever-expanding workforce with capable, competent workers.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), veterans make ideal solar industry workforce candidates for the following reasons

  • Veterans are trained to lead and are given responsibility early in their military service.
  • Veterans are mission-focused, doing what it takes to complete the job correctly and on time.
  • Veterans are team players, simultaneously completing their work and supporting their colleagues to reach the goal at hand.
  • Veterans have strong work ethic, having been accustomed to working long hours in non-traditional environments.
Solar Ready Vets Network

Recognizing the synergy between military experience and the solar energy industry, the DOE created the Solar Ready Vets Network. Funded by the DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office, the program connects veterans and transitioning military service members with career training, professional development and employment opportunities in the solar industry.

Created in 2014, the Solar Ready Vets Network was designed to prepare U.S. veterans for careers as photovoltaic system installers, sales representatives, system inspectors, and other roles in the solar industry.

Veteran career opportunities at Alliant Energy 

Much like the DOE, Alliant Energy recognizes the mutual benefits of employing military veterans. Whether they’ve served our country in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or Marines, service members’ military job code may line up with a great career with Alliant Energy. We've worked to match many military job codes with Alliant Energy positions. We often have openings in these specialized, technical jobs where military training can jumpstart a new career.

Military veterans can use our Military Career Matching Matrix.pdf to look for their job code, and see what career opportunities match directly to the skills they gained in the armed forces.

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