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Increased fuel prices projected to impact heating bills this winter

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), natural gas prices are on the rise and will cause home heating costs to increase significantly this winter. They estimate natural gas costs in the Midwest will rise nearly 50% compared to last year due to projected increase in fuel costs and the likelihood households will use more energy with the predicted colder winter.


Based on the projected rise in natural gas prices, you will likely see an increase in your monthly natural gas bill, which is determined by two things:

1) the cost of the energy and 2) the amount of energy you use.


Here are a few simple ways you can help lower your energy use to offset some of the anticipated impact.


  • Turn down the thermostat a few degrees and dress in layers.
  • Make sure all registers are open in your home to ensure proper air flow.
  • Open the shades during the day to let the sun’s rays warm your home.
  • Close the shades at night to keep the warmth in.
  • For more ways to save energy, visit

You can also manage your daily energy use in real time through My Account at


If you find yourself in a financial crisis, there are resources available to help pay your heating costs. Visit for details. 


These energy-saving and energy-assistance resources can help you stay on track and lift the burden of falling behind.


For more information about natural gas prices, how to read your bill, cost-saving tips and how we work to keep costs affordable, visit

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