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Remember safety as temperatures drop

Be mindful of these safety tips as you transition to cooler weather:

  • While rare, natural gas leaks can occur as households turn on their furnaces for the season. One telltale sign of a natural gas leak is a rotten egg odor. A hiss or whistle near gas appliances can also be a sign. For individuals unable to use their sense of smell due to COVID-19, natural gas leaks pose a more significant threat this year. Install natural gas detectors for greater security and replace batteries regularly.
  • Carbon monoxide can be released when a furnace or gas appliance malfunctions. Like natural gas detectors, carbon monoxide detectors can help identify this threat. Carbon monoxide is a deadly, odorless gas that causes dizziness, shortness of breath, headaches, confusion, nausea or fainting. If you experience these symptoms, leave the premises immediately. From a safe location, call Alliant Energy at 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268). If natural gas blows from any pipe in or outside your home, or you need medical attention for carbon monoxide poisoning, call 911.

    For more information about gas safety, please visit
  • If you are finishing a yard project and intend to dig, always call 811 to have a professional mark buried lines in your yard first.
  • If trimming or cutting down trees, keep yourself, ladders and tools at least 10 feet away from power lines. Call 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268), and we will provide guidance on options to safely complete the work. If a tree leans against a power line or you come across a downed line, stay away from the area and call Alliant Energy.
  • Keep natural gas meters and appliance exhaust vents clear of snow, ice and debris. A blocked vent can cause carbon monoxide accumulation or equipment malfunction.

Finally, as news reports continue to warn of rising natural gas costs, be sure to take steps to reduce use. For example, turn down the thermostat a few degrees and dress in layers; open the shades to let in sunlight; and seal windows and doors. To find more ideas, visit

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