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Prepare your business facility for winter

Cold weather is coming. You want a comfortable indoor environment for your staff, customers and visitors. At the same time, space heating, cooling and ventilation can take up a lot of your operating budget, accounting for about 35% of total commercial building energy costs. The following measures will help ensure comfort and lower your energy bill to keep you feeling warm all winter long.

Inspect your heating system

Have a qualified professional inspect and clean your heating system. This will reveal any problems and make sure your system runs efficiently.

Keep filters clean

Dirty filters make your heating system work harder. That wastes energy and reduces indoor air quality. Change them throughout your facility at the start of the heating season and each month thereafter according to manufacturer's recommendations.

Adjust building controls

To accommodate the changing season, adjust your building’s automated energy management system settings. Poorly calibrated sensors, thermostats and other controls increase heating system load and reduce comfort. Ensure your building controls are properly integrated to save energy and improve the comfort and productivity of your staff.

Ensure airflow

Properly designed air supply and return vents ensure proper airflow and balanced air distribution. Poor ventilation reduces comfort and indoor air quality. To keep air fresh, make sure registers are clear of furniture, equipment, partitions and other barriers.

Seal and insulate ducts

Inspect accessible ductwork for leaks and seal with mastic tape. Heat radiating through ductwork can result in significant energy loss, even when ducts are properly sealed. Ductwork insulation keeps thermal energy from escaping and increases heating system efficiency.

Weatherize your building envelope

Check for and seal gaps and cracks in your windows, doors, exterior walls and roofs with caulk or weatherstripping. Air leaks reduce heating system performance and make your building less comfortable.

Check building insulation

Proper insulation is critical for comfort. Hire a qualified insulation contractor to inspect your building and ensure insulation levels meet or exceed those recommended in ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Standard for Buildings. Add insulation if needed.

Find more ways to save with Energy Edge

Our Energy Analytics self-service analytics tool identifies saving opportunities specific to your facility. The dashboard gives you deeper insights into your energy use including:

  • Bill cost and energy usage trends.
  • Usage breakdowns in hourly increments by application.
  • Weather impacts.

These steps will take your business’s energy performance to the next level. Enjoy energy savings and comfort this winter and all year round.

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