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Make managing your bill simple, fast and easy

The next time you sign into My Account, don’t forget to switch to Paperless Billing. Cut down on mail and conveniently manage your bill online. Simply log into My Account, navigate to the “My Profile” tab, choose “Settings” from the left-hand menu, check the box next to “Paperless Bill” and select “Save.” Once signed up, you will:

  • Receive an email when your bill is ready to view.
  • Access your bill online or through our My Account mobile app.
  • View up to 36 months of past bills and payments.
  • Easily print PDF copies of your bills.
  • Get less mail!

If you don’t have My Account yet, enroll at Switch to Paperless Billing, track your energy use, make payments online and more. Save time and unlock the energy usage today!

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