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Breaking down our Corporate Responsibility Report

Our Corporate Responsibility Report (CRR) demonstrates our unwavering commitment to one of our Core Values – Act for Tomorrow. Our CRR strategy has three main components: Environmental, Social and Governance. These components drive us to deliver on our purpose: to serve our customers and build stronger communities. In this blog, we’re going to look closer into “environmental” and the ways our efforts in this sector contribute to global and local improvement in the environment.

This year’s environmental component includes an expanded Climate Report that shares results from a study to consider how our Clean Energy Vision goals and Clean Energy Blueprint align with the objective of the United Nations’ Paris Agreement to limit global average temperature rise. Results from the analyses completed by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) reinforce our current strategy that considers that climate change is one of several factors driving transformation of the energy industry. Insights from the EPRI study will also be used to inform our company’s future business planning and guide our efforts to reach our aspirational goal to be net-zero carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity we generate by 2050.

We also share how our Core Values connect to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Providing Affordable and Clean Energy (SDG7) for our customers is the foundation of our company’s long-term strategy and our actions support many other SDGs.

By connecting locally, we’re also taking the steps necessary to protect and improve the natural environment. Our Biodiversity Commitment, found in our CRR, solidifies our longstanding tradition of caring for the environment. Alliant Energy’s biodiversity efforts include protecting natural resources and wildlife, especially those that are or may become threatened or endangered. Caring for the environment means caring for everyone and everything that calls it home!

A core program that supports our Biodiversity Commitment, our One Million Trees initiative, is off to a successful start. Since the program launched one year ago, over 120,000 trees have been planted across Iowa and Wisconsin in partnership with local communities and organizations. Our Core Value – Act for Tomorrow comes to life in this initiative, as we work to improve the natural environment for future generations.

Stay tuned as we break down the other components – Social and Governance – highlighted in this year’s Corporate Responsibility Report.
Kaitlyn is an intern with the External Communications Team. She is a student at The University of Iowa, studying Journalism & Mass Communication and Event Management. Kaitlyn is passionate about sustainability and is eager to help tell Alliant’s story in their journey to create a better future.

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