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Celebrating the summer solstice

The summer solstice is here! June 21 marks the first astronomical day of the season and the day with the most sunlight for the northern hemisphere, nearly 15 hours. Many cultures celebrate this day in unique ways: In Scandinavian countries, Midsummer is often a public holiday, with a variety of traditions such as maypole dancing and bonfires. In India, International Yoga Day falls on June 21, and France celebrates a national day of music. Of course, visitors from around the world also spend the summer solstice at Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument in southwest England where people welcome the holiday together as the sun rises through the center stone.

To honor the sun and all it provides for us, here are some fun ways you can celebrate today:

1. Observe an ancient tradition, virtually. Tune into Stonehenge’s website or YouTube channel for photos and live videos.

2. Do some outdoor yoga. Soak up some Vitamin D and connect with the sun and your body.

3. Garden. Sun helps your garden thrive, so take advantage of the extra sunlight and nurture your plants.

4. Set goals and/or journal. The summer solstice signifies renewal and new beginnings for many people, so it’s a perfect time to check in with yourself.

5. Have a bonfire. Enjoy the warmth and light while celebrating summer with family and friends.

We know that solar panels generate the most electricity on long summer days, so today will also be a powerful energy day for our solar panels. Check out our Iowa and Wisconsin solar projects to learn more about renewable energy and how solar projects benefit us all –even when the sun isn’t as abundant as it is today.

Kaitlyn is an intern with the External Communications Team. She is a student at The University of Iowa, studying Journalism & Mass Communication and Event Management. Kaitlyn is passionate about sustainability and is eager to help tell Alliant’s story in their journey to create a better future.

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