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Connie Maluwelmeng volunteering

For Connie Maluwelmeng, a love of learning became the drive to volunteer

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Growing up in Guam, Connie Maluwelmeng discovered one of her passions: She became interested in how renewable energy could benefit the island and lessen its dependency on diesel imports.

With an abundance of sunlight and rainwater, Guam offered a wealth of resources she wanted to understand better and put to good use. That curiosity about renewable energy led her to pursue a career in electrical engineering – and eventually an internship, and then a career, with Alliant Energy.

Her curiosity became a passion for learning that led Maluwelmeng to seek volunteer opportunities in the Cedar Rapids community, which she’s been part of since graduating from Iowa State University in 2016. In her work and in her volunteer positions, Maluwelmeng especially appreciates teammates who “challenge [her] to think about things from a different perspective — in the technical sense, and from a social environment standpoint.”

Maluwelmeng devotes at least 150 hours of volunteer time each year to various organizations. She looks forward to volunteering as a chance to help others and continue fueling her desire to learn.

“I look forward to learning every day,” she said. “There’s a never-ending list of challenges to think about and solve, and my volunteer activities teach me something new. I know much more about my taxes now than I would have if you asked me five years ago, which comes in very handy for my personal taxes and for helping out friends. And this is all thanks to volunteering with Volunteer Income Tax Assistance through United Way.”

The public library is a natural fit for a lifelong learner, and Maluwelmeng serves in multiple volunteer roles there, calling the library her favorite place to be.

“People say reading opens the door to endless possibilities,” she said. “I think volunteering achieves this as well. By doing both, I have the best of all worlds.”

Maluwelmeng’s volunteer efforts and commitment to her community demonstrate how she uses her energy for good. She has earned a 2021 VIP Award from Alliant Energy.

I look forward to learning every day. There’s a never-ending list of challenges to think about and solve, and my volunteer activities teach me something new.
Connie Maluwelmeng

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