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Drone image of Iowa County Law Enforcement Center Rooftop Solar Site

Finding clean energy solutions for municipalities and businesses

Have you ever wondered what glistening solar panels could add to unused office/business space around your town, or thought of leasing your company’s rooftop space to host solar panels?

The Alliant Energy® Customer-Hosted Renewables program offers public and private entities the opportunity to turn unused space into a solar project to help power their community with clean energy. In return, these customers receive lease payments or renewable energy credits (RECs).

How it works

Alliant Energy will design and construct a solar project up to 2.5 megawatts. After construction, Alliant Energy maintains the project for the duration of the contract. The customer receives either monthly lease payments or RECs from Alliant Energy in exchange for use of the property.

The renewable energy from the project goes to the grid to power homes and businesses in and around the community.

Hear from a customer

Recently, Alliant Energy celebrated the first ever rooftop project of the Customer-Hosted Renewables program at the Iowa County Law Enforcement Center in Dodgeville, Wisconsin.

This building was completed in 2021 with the intention of adding a renewable energy project on-site. After discussions between Alliant Energy and the county, the sides agreed that a 300-kilowatt project with fixed panels on the roof was the best solution. Check out this video to hear about the partnership between Iowa County, Alliant Energy and SunVest Solar.

And if you’re an Alliant Energy business or community customer and interested in a renewable energy project at your business or in your community, contact your key account manager or the Business Resource Center at 1-866-ALLIANT (866-255-4268).
Chris is a Communications Partner specializing in Alliant Energy’s renewable investments. Coming from a journalism background, he’s excited to tell the story of Alliant Energy’s Clean Energy Blueprint and other renewable trends in new and exciting ways.

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