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Ashley Biddick and her son near an ambulance.

Meet a 2023 VIP: Ashley Biddick, volunteer EMT

Ashley Biddick, a total rewards analyst at Alliant Energy’s Madison headquarters, was inspired to become a volunteer emergency medical technician in 2020 after seeing the impact first responders had on her own family during a crisis. That experience made her realize both the importance and scarcity of EMTs.

“In rural areas all over the U.S., EMS and fire departments are struggling to get volunteers. Everyone thinks someone else will do it,” said Biddick. “I don’t want my community or family to suffer [from] not having volunteers to respond.”

With two young kids at home and a full-time job, Biddick went back to school for six months and became a licensed EMT. Today, in addition to her career at Alliant Energy, she’s on call as an EMT for more than 80 hours each month.

“Ashley must be ready to head out the door at any moment's notice to assist with anything from a minor car accident to a life-threatening situation where seconds can matter,” said Megan Endres who works with Biddick at Alliant Energy. “Her ability to act quickly, remain calm and provide physical as well as emotional support and compassion to those in need during intense situations makes her a phenomenal EMT.”

Biddick feels her experiences as an EMT have rewarded her in more ways than one.

“With the amazing support I have from my fellow members and the entire first responder community, I know I am never alone. There are always people there to support me in any way I need, just as I am for them,” said Biddick. “I truly have made lifelong friendships.”

Alliant Energy recognizes Ashley Biddick with a Values in Practice (VIP) award, an honor that celebrates employees who share their time and energy with the communities Alliant Energy serves.

All 2022 VIPs will receive a $500 grant to donate to the nonprofit of their choice. The company thanks Ashley and the other VIPs for how they act for tomorrow, do the right thing, make things better and care for others – the very values that shape everything Alliant Energy does.

Ashley Biddick and her EMS coworkers.

“I decided I needed to do more for my community and wanted to be there for others in their time of crisis – like the EMTs had been for me.”
Ashley Biddick

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