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Keep Iowa beautiful and pollinated

There are countless reasons to live in Iowa. From friendly neighbors and active communities to the great Mississippi River and rich soil, we have a state full of opportunities. One nonprofit organization works to keep it that way. Keep Iowa Beautiful plants gardens, cleans up litter, connects communities with Hometown Pride coaches and provides funding for improvement projects to support the state’s economic vitality.

One of its newest programs, Plant Iowa Beautiful, in partnership with Iowa State University and Iowa 4-H Youth Development, will build pollinator habitats in 10 Iowa counties. Pollinator plots make life easier for the creatures that move pollen, protect the well-being of our entire ecosystem and provide beauty for residents of the state. They also provide learning opportunities.

“This program will engage members of 4-H Clubs and community members to learn about pollinators in all phases of a pollinator garden while promoting civic beautification, conservation and environmental education,” said Kevin Techau, Executive Director, Keep Iowa Beautiful.

Bees and other pollinators are essential to the sustainability, availability and diversity of fresh produce and other foods. With increasing threats causing decline to pollinator populations, including pesticides, drought and habitat destruction, pollinator habitats are increasingly needed.

Alliant Energy’s Foundation is proud to support the work of Keep Iowa Beautiful with an $80,000 Impact Grant.

“The Keep Iowa Beautiful mission and their work to create pollinator plots across Iowa aligns perfectly with Alliant Energy’s environmental stewardship goals,” said Julie Bauer, Executive Director, Alliant Energy’s Foundation. “It is more important than ever to create spaces for Iowa’s pollinators to flourish. We are proud to support this project and make a significant and positive impact to Iowa’s ecosystem.”

Watch for pollinator plots coming to the following counties: Cerro Gordo, Jasper, Jefferson, Keokuk, Lee, Lucas, Marshall, Story, Washington and Winneshiek.

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