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A roadmap to change

As we continue to celebrate Earth Day 2022 throughout the month of April, we’re highlighting some of the ways we’re investing in the environmental health of the communities we serve all year long. This year’s Earth Day theme, Invest in Our Planet, resonates strongly with the core values that shape everything we do. We recognize the importance of transitioning to cleaner renewable energy for the future of our planet, now more than ever.

Through our Clean Energy Blueprint, we’re investing in the communities we serve in order to make a broader investment in the wellbeing of the planet we all share for generations to come.   

Our roadmap to a better future

Our Clean Energy Blueprint is our roadmap to accelerate our transition to renewable energy – something that has become especially important as we work to sustain the economic and environmental health of the communities we serve.

Smart investments

Renewable energy is becoming a big part of our clean energy mix. Generally, it costs less to operate, creates job and business opportunities and reduces our impact on our natural resources.

Solar energy is one of our fastest-growing investments, and with good reason. Spending money to add solar capacity now is more cost-effective than continuing to maintain and operate traditional energy sources such as coal.

Over time, clean energy resources like solar and wind cost less to operate and maintain. In fact, investment in solar cost-effectively accelerates our renewable energy generation while reducing carbon emissions and providing customers with reliable, environmentally friendly energy long into the future.

Protect and enhance the environment

Renewable energy sources come from constant forces of nature that we can depend upon, unlike fossil fuel sources that are rapidly running out. Plus, while all energy sources have some impact on the environment, fossil fuels do significantly more damage when it comes to air and water pollution, public health, wildlife loss, and global warming. During combustion, fossil fuels emit greenhouse gases, which have been proven to contribute to rising global temperatures and higher frequencies of extreme weather events.

On the other hand, renewable energy generation sources emit little to no greenhouse gases or pollutants into the air. That means a smaller carbon footprint and an overall positive impact on the environment.

Through our vegetation management plan, our solar sites also promote plant growth, improve soil conditions, attract pollinators and promote habitat diversity, which adds up to a healthier environment and, protects our farmlands and food supply.

Economic catalysts

In addition to the environmental benefits of renewable energy, there are also benefits for local economies. For example, solar development can also be a source of rural economic activity, boosting things like local tax revenues, assisting communities by providing critical lifelines for funding essential services and schools as well as other essential community upgrades.

Doing our part

As we celebrate Earth Day 2022, we’re honored to play a role all year round in strengthening our communities and the world we live in through our Clean Energy Blueprint and sustainability efforts.

"Now is the time for the unstoppable courage to preserve and protect our health, our families, and our livelihoods."
Dana is a Content Strategist specializing in renewable energy. With over a decade of experience crafting thought-leading informational content, she’s passionate about spreading the message of Alliant Energy’s Clean Energy Blueprint and sustainability efforts.

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