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A place to rest and recharge in Fond du Lac

With the amount of stress in the world today, we could all use a place to rest and recharge. Recently, we installed new benches in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin that allow people to do both at the same time.

The new benches not only offer a comfortable place to sit, but can also charge mobile devices thanks to small solar panel units installed on the back. Five of these sun-powered seats were donated to the Fond du Lac community by Alliant Energy’s Community Affairs Program. Two of the benches are slated to go in Lakeside Park, two in the downtown area and one in McDermott Park.

Our Shared Solar Connection
Our solar connection with the Fond du Lac community extends beyond these super cool solar seats. In December 2020, we announced it as the site of our first community solar project. Located west of the Highway 151/Hickory Road intersection, the project is built on land leased from Michels Corporation, an industry-leading utility contractor headquartered in nearby Brownsville.

The Fond du Lac community solar project is an important milestone in our Clean Energy Blueprint—a roadmap to accelerating our transition to renewable energy. It keeps us on the path to achieving our Clean Energy Vision, which includes a goal to attain net-zero carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation by 2050.

The Fond du Lac solar garden is the first of multiple community solar locations across Iowa and Wisconsin for Alliant Energy.

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