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September Challenge: 

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Thanks, Wisconsin 

An open thank-you from an Iowa Alliant Energy employee and customer 

On August 7, my husband called me into the kitchen. “Look!” he said. “They’re back!” Hopping happily around our tree was a pair of cardinals – our new work-from-home friends during the pandemic.  
On August 10, our home – like so many others across Iowa – was hit by a derecho, or “land hurricane.” It was a storm unlike anything we’d ever seen, a new nightmare inside the nightmare that was already happening in COVID-19. Houses were torn apart; beloved trees crashed down. Power went out across the state. 

The following week was a blur of chainsaws, sunburns, dark, hot nights, insurance phone calls, and hard, manual work. My Wisconsin co-workers sent word to focus on our homes and families and let them handle the rest.  
When the power came back six days later and I plugged in my laptop, I realized how much they’d done.  

  • Hundreds of Wisconsin line techs traveled to Iowa to help restore power. They left comfortable homes for long, hard days in a disaster zone. 
  • The Alliant Energy Foundation launched Project Reconnect, a fund to help Iowans of modest means afford the electrician repairs needed to reconnect to the grid. Employees, retirees and our board of directors donated $105,000, which the Alliant Energy Foundation tripled with a two-for-one match.  
  • Our Foundation worked with Second Harvest Foodbank to deliver food to Iowa. They sent seven pallets of supplies – water, cereal, granola bars, snacks.   
  • Kwik Trip – one of our Alliant Energy business customers – sent fresh fruit, bread and bottled water.  

Seeing all of this, I was touched.  
This storm was over a month ago – but in the mornings, I’m still running past debris piles taller than me and homes with warnings posted in the doorways. It’s not over.  
But do you know who I’ve seen again? The cardinals. Several days after the storm, they reappeared: confused and cautious, but together.  
In this pandemic, and now after this storm, that’s how we are, too. Let’s face it: It’s 2020. We have no idea what’s going on. But we know who’s beside us. I’m so thankful for our neighbors, here in Iowa and across the river in Wisconsin. 
McKenzie Raduns – Cedar Rapids, IA

More solar on the way in Wisconsin

In May, we announced plans to buy six solar projects that are in various stages of development in mostly rural areas of Wisconsin. Once they are in service by the end of 2023, the energy from the facilities will be enough to power 175,000 homes per year – making Alliant Energy the largest owner-operator of solar in the state.

The construction and ongoing operation of the solar fields will help in building stronger communities and provide environmental benefits through clean, renewable energy. These projects are expected to create more than 1,200 local construction jobs and will provide an estimated $80 million in local tax revenues over the next 30 years.

Alliant Energy previously went public with plan to install 1,000 megawatts of solar generation in Wisconsin by 2023. The six projects we announced in the spring mark the first phase of that plan and total 675 megawatts. They are the next step in our Clean Energy Blueprint, a strategic roadmap to cost-effectively accelerate renewable energy while reducing carbon emissions.

Our six new solar sites:
  • Wood County (150MW)
  • Richland County (50MW)
  • Grant County (200 MW)
  • North Rock Solar (50MW)
  • Crawfish River (75MW)
  • Onion River (150MW)