Giving back to help customers reconnect after the derecho

Alliant Energy employees, retirees help pay electrician fees for most-vulnerable customers 
After the terrible derecho that hit Iowa in August, we put all our efforts into restoring power. We wouldn’t stop until every home’s lights were back on.  
But even when power was restored in a neighborhood, some homes were so severely damaged that they couldn’t be hooked back onto the grid. They needed service from an electrician before they could safely be “plugged back in.”  
Electrician costs can be upwards of $1,500 – a big expense, especially for customers with limited income.  
We knew we could help. Alliant Energy employees and retirees began donating money for electrician fees. The Alliant Energy Foundation matched the gifts two-for-one, calling it Project Reconnect.  All told, employees and retirees donated $105,000 – totaling $315,000 with the Foundation match! 
We asked local community action programs to deliver the funds to families who need them – helping them get their lives moving forward again.

Derecho Infographic

Introducing the PowerHouse Challenge

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