Stay cool with air sealing and Insulation

Increase home comfort and save energy this summer with a properly sealed and insulated home. Air leaks make your cooling system work harder, costing you more money.

A contractor can determine if your home would benefit from air sealing or insulation installation. Plus, you could receive a rebate for the energy efficiency upgrades! On average, rebates cover up to 25% of the cost.
Contact our partner Focus on Energy at 1-800-762-7077 to get started. 

Faster electric vehicle charger arrives in Beaver Dam

Beaver Dam Level 3 EV charger

At Alliant Energy, we have a multi-year plan to deliver a clean, reliable and renewable energy future for our customers and our communities.

Our new Level 3 fast car charger in Beaver Dam is an excellent example of this plan in action. As more drivers choose electric vehicles, the need for more – and faster – charging stations will grow rapidly.

Conveniently located at the Highway 33/Highway 151 interchange, this charging station serves one of the busiest intersections between Madison and the Fox Valley. Level 3 chargers are also known as “superfast chargers.” They can recharge a fully depleted all-electric vehicle battery to 80%, charged in about the time it takes to get a bite to eat.