It’s hot out! Set alerts for high usage

Set up usage alert

You know that little alert on your smartphone, that lets you know you’re getting close on your monthly data? 

Now, just in time for a hot summer, you can get alerts for your energy use too. Set an amount you don’t want to go over each month.  We’ll keep track and let you know if you hit it. 

Follow these simple steps to set up your alerts. 

1. Know your “normal”

Log in to My Account ( to see what your normal usage is. Select the Usage tab at the top. You’ll see a chart of your usage over the past year. Hover over the months to see specific use per billing period. Or, look at the Billing Period Average box above the chart. 

2. Determine your kWh usage alert amount

If you’re looking to make energy-saving changes, take your average kWh usage – or your average from this season last year – and subtract 5%, 10% or 15%. The energy-savings goal is up to you!  If you want to maintain your current energy usage, you can use the “Billing period average.” Or, base your number on the amount you used this month last year.  

3. Set up alerts

In the Usage tab in My Account, click Set Usage Alert at the top right. Check the box and enter the number you just determined. Click Save. 

4. Choose how to receive your alert. 

Switch over to the My Profile tab. On the left, click Notification Preferences. You’ll see High Usage Alerts at the bottom of the list. Check how you’d like to receive alerts: Text, Email, or Voice. 

Shoot! I hit my limit.  

Don’t worry, you won’t get shut off for hitting your limit! But, it may be time for a family talk about energy-saving behaviors.

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How we’re working to keep you safe

Alliant Energy employee and customer, social distance.

As essential workers during this pandemic, our field crews can’t work from home. So, they’re working differently and taking precautions to protect customers and their co-workers.

The primary reason we’d need to enter your home or business would be if you called to report smelling gas, requested a pilot light re-lit or if a meter had to be exchanged. If it is non-essential, it isn’t happening right now.

This is what you’ll see when they arrive. Our techs are using gloves and wearing face coverings. We’re also maintaining a physical distance of at least six feet. Our crews will also call ahead so we don’t show up unannounced.

If you’re not comfortable, we can reschedule. Your safety is our number one priority.