Get a predictable bill in an unpredictable year

Keep your monthly bill the same with Fixed Amount Bill

This year’s been full of the unexpected: masks, social distancing, virtual school, working from home. But in a year when everything’s changing, your energy bill doesn’t have to. 

Fixed Amount Bill lets you pay the same amount every month, year-round.

  • We review your energy use over the past year – then average it to get your monthly amount (before taxes and fees).
  • You pay the same amount every month for 12 months. 
  • After 12 payments, we’ll calculate a new monthly amount for the next year. You can decide to stay on the program or cancel. Your account will not have a balance due at the end of 12 months. 

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Energy For Good

This was quite the year! See how employees and the Alliant Energy Foundation brought #EnergyforGood to life in the year of surprises. 

March – May
  • COVID-19 response. We focused on our communities – supporting statewide food banks, Community Action Agencies, United Ways and other partners with a total of $343,000. We funded 3D printing of protective face shields for healthcare workers and added $2 million to our Hometown Care Energy Fund. Employees hosted an online diaper drive, collecting 41,000 diapers for local families. 
  • Nature saves sanity. Over the years, we’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the great outdoors in communities across Iowa and Wisconsin. This spring, those projects became quarantine MVPs! The trails and bike routes we’ve supported became a lifeline for people to get out of the house safely. 
May – June 
  • Responding to racial injustice. George Floyd’s story sparked conversations, including discussion across our company. Hundreds of employees engaged in thoughtful listening sessions hosted by our Multicultural Alliance. We formed a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leadership Team. And we’re taking an even closer look at how our charitable giving can lift underserved groups.
  • Midwest derecho. On August 10, a “land hurricane” pummeled parts of Iowa and southern Wisconsin – cutting power to more than 256,000 homes. We quickly worked with our food bank partners to secure food items to distribute to Iowa neighborhoods. 
  • We launched Project ReConnect to assist vulnerable Iowa customers who needed electrical repairs to their homes before reconnecting power. Now, we’re helping fund repairs to get homes ready for winter. Project Reconnect was a full-team effort, with employees, retirees, board of directors and Alliant Energy Foundation working together to raise $315,000. 
September – December 
  • Employee giving campaign. Every year, hundreds of our employees set up payroll deduction gifts to the local charities of their choice. Our Alliant Energy Foundation matches these gifts for double the impact. In this year’s campaign, our employees and retirees pledged $1.6 million to 386 nonprofit organizations for 2021.

Interested to learn more about the Alliant Energy Foundation or see how we can partner with your community? Visit