Energy efficiency rebates have doubled!

Energy-efficient home improvements save you energy and money. In response to COVID-19, and to help you save, we’ve doubled our rebates.
You can now receive up to twice as much back!

Get rebates for learning thermostats (up to $200), new air conditioners (up to $1,200), AC tuneups (up to $100) and more.
Find rebates and get details at

2020 Corporate Responsibility Report now available

Our online Corporate Responsibility Report (CRR) highlights another step forward in advancing clean energy throughout the communities we serve. We are working hard to take actions today so we can responsibly and sustainably serve all of our customers well into the future. The CRR is a resource for our customers, communities and other partners. It includes our clean energy vision, interesting stories as well as performance data covering a wide range of topic areas.

Our company has a vision to not only power beyond the challenges of today, but to power what’s next in energy. This means finding innovative ways to address environmental challenges, operate more efficiently and provide flexible energy resources.

It is important that we work to sustain the economic and environmental health of the communities we serve. We’re excited to share our responsibility story with you! Our 2020 CRR is now live and it can be viewed at

It's grant time!

Alliant Energy Foundation’s Leah Rodenberg shares about community support and finding your volunteer fit

This spring, our Alliant Energy Foundation awarded grants to 237 nonprofits, totaling nearly $550,000. We caught up with Leah Rodenberg at the Alliant Energy Foundation to learn more.
Illuminate: This spring, the Foundation awarded grants to 237 nonprofits. What does a grant do?

LR: A grant is a donation that supports specific programming from an organization. We support nonprofits in Alliant Energy communities that make a difference for Families, Education, Environment and Diversity. 

Illuminate: Specifically, what causes will the Spring 2020 grants support?

LR: We provide funding for housing, hunger relief, STEM education – especially for underrepresented kids, workforce readiness, safety and environmental stewardship programs. We also support disaster-relief efforts and have provided $343,000 to date for COVID-19 emergency programs.
Illuminate: That’s a lot of different causes! Are you able to get to know most of the groups you support?

LR: In many cases, yes. I’ve been with our company for 24 years and have built many relationships throughout the state. I especially love getting to visit in person. It’s an opportunity to see what’s happening at the nonprofit – what’s new? What do they need? We brainstorm ways Alliant Energy can partner with them – like sponsorships or volunteering. I always ask, “How can we help?”

Illuminate: I want to make a difference in my community. Where do I start?

LR: Start at They have a statewide database where nonprofits post opportunities and needs. You’ll get a flavor of what’s available. It’s all about pairing up your passion with your community’s needs. 

Thanks, Leah! Want to learn more about the Foundation? Find impact stories and more at