Variable speed drive for vacuum pumps 

A variable speed drive controller monitors airflow needed to maintain stable vacuum and adjusts the motor so it only runs as fast as necessary.


  • For existing dairy operations only; New construction is not eligible.
  • Must be controlled by UL-listed device that meets applicable IEEE standards for harmonic control
  • Must be for blower-style pumps; Rotary-vane vacuum pumps are not eligible.
  • Existing vacuum pump must not have an existing VFD.

Important information:

  • Rebates are limited to 50% of equipment purchase price.
  • Rebates are based on the average number of cows you are currently milking; Dry cows cannot be counted for rebate.
  • See claim form for specific equipment-related information.

How do I apply?

Download a claim form to get started.

How do I find a qualified dealer?

Visit our online Dealer Locator to find a professional in your area.