Learning thermostat

A properly working learning thermostat can help save you 8 to 12% on your annual energy bill. 

Rebate requirements:

  • Must have learning functionality with: occupancy sensing with motion sensors; optimization based on historical trends and weather data or forecasts
  • Geo-fencing is not eligible as the sole occupancy sensing technology
  • Alliant Energy must provide primary fuel to heating or cooling equipment
  • Must be ENERGY STAR® certified
  • Rebate not to exceed 50% of purchase price
  • Limit of two learning thermostats per household, per year

The age of your home will determine your rebate. 

  • Homes five years or older are considered existing homes.
  • Homes less than five years old  are considered new homes.

How do I find a qualified dealer?

Visit our Dealer Locator to find a professional in your area.