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New Deadline Notice: The 2018 Energy Efficiency plan has been extended due to changes required by legislation. The following deadlines have been adjusted to meet this requirement.  Qualified equipment installed 1/1/18 - 12/31/18 must submit required paperwork by 1/31/2019 to be eligible for a 2018 rebate. Qualified equipment installed 1/1/19 - 3/31/19 must submit required paperwork by 4/30/2019 to be eligible for an extended  2018 rebate.  All deadlines are final and based on installation dates. No exceptions will be made.


  • Must have learning functionality with: occupancy sensing with motion sensors; optimization based on historical trends and weather data or forecasts
  • Geo-fencing is not eligible as the sole occupancy sensing technology
  • Alliant Energy must provide primary fuel to heating or cooling equipment 

* not to exceed 50% of purchase price

How do I apply?

Download a claim form to get started. Attach the Energy Guide UPC code (if applicable), ENERGY STAR logo (if applicable) and a copy of the itemized, dated receipt and mail to Alliant Energy within 90 days of installation.

How do I find a qualified dealer?

Visit our online Dealer Locator to find a professional in your area.

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