Electric truck refrigeration

We are offering a $1,500 rebate for the purchase of each Electric-standby Truck Refrigeration Unit and installation of 480-volt plug-in infrastructure.

Did you know?

Electric truck refrigeration is gaining popularity. Plug-in refrigeration is:

  • Quiet: no noise from idling engines
  • Cleaner: zero site emissions
  • Simpler: electric-powered equipment typically has 90% fewer parts than internal combustion engines
  • Stable: not exposed to full volatility of oil and gas prices
  • Cheaper: lower fuel consumption costs

Switch to electric truck refrigeration and see:

  • a quieter and more comfortable working environment
  • a cleaner and healthier workplace
  • lower maintenance costs
  • lower and more stable fuel consumption costs
  • Better overall environmental profile

Let us help answer your questions about cooling with electric power.

  • What are the payback periods?
  • What are the life-cycle costs?

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