Electric HVAC system tuneup

Keeping your electrical heating and cooling systems in shape will extend the life of your equipment. Find out why tuneups are important by visiting powerhousetv.com.

We offer rebates for electrical heating and cooling systems up to $50.

Rebate requirements:

  • Must be an Alliant Energy electrical customer to qualify for this rebate
  • Maximum of one tuneup rebate per year, per electrical heating or cooling system
  • Home must be a minimum of five years old
  • The rebate amount is up to $50 (not to exceed 50% of service cost, including servicer coupons and manufacturer rebates)
  • Central air conditioner and air source heat pumps must be less than 65,000 BTUH

Eligible heating and cooling equipment includes:

  • Central air conditioner
  • Air-source heat pump

How do I find a qualified dealer?

Visit our Dealer Locator to find a professional in your area.